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The best pasta sauce, pasta oil. Can also be used as Salad oil

Welcome! The fact that you are here shows you like good food and eating healthy.

We are an enthusiastic team of 6, Tujie, Irene including 4 children, Ben, Tom, Ose and Yere. We have a passion for homemade cooking and we grow some of our own food (naturally), for the kids eating the produce is the fun part! Our love for this unique Chilli Oil (thanks to Tujie's  childhood years) is due not only to its beneficial properties, but also that it enhances and complements most cuisines. MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil is a staple in our home, we use it daily in various ways, in and on different kinds of food. Our mission is producing wholly natural food, devoid of artificial ingredient.

From us to you, experience the unique taste of MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil. Enjoy its distinct flavour and versatility. Your satisfaction is assured. Other flavours coming soon. 

No more bland food, spice it up with MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil! Bon appetit. 

Love Chilli, Love Life.

The Product - MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil


MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil is made from only 2 ingredients: Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil and Hot Chilli. The unique process we employ produces fully distinct flavoured invigorating oil, with its unique taste. MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil is one of the best you can have in your food cupboard; it contains no artificial colour nor artificial flavour, no preservative, no added salt nor added sugar. 

Our Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is sourced from one of the leading British Farms and Producers of Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. 

We worked with one of the North West leading Universities and their Partners in Analysis Specification, Microbial Testing, Nutritional Analysis and Shelf Life. We are very grateful for their concerted and earnest effort in bringing this product to fruition.

MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil, an infusion of Extra Virgin cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil with Hot Chilli is an all- rounder for a delicious, hearty food and can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet. 

We encourage you to try MR VUGA Tropical (hot) Chilli Oil on your sweet or savoury dishes; in your cuisines, African or Continental, Asian or European, American or Oceania, Mediterranean or Oriental. Our unique  Chilli Oil complements all foods, does not change the original flavour nor alter the taste of your food rather enhances it. MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil can be enjoyed in your sandwich or wrap, on salad, hot or cold food, main or side dish, appetizer or dessert. 

MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil is ideal for roasting, baking, dressing, marinade, dipping, drizzling, seasoning, grilling and BBQ. MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil, this unique oil can serve as a perfect gift for your love ones and friends any time of the year.