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Our Story

As a little boy I helped my mother grow and cultivate different chillies.

I experimented with them, making various chilli oils, sauces and finally came up with this invigorating oil. Its unique taste and distinct flavour have been enjoyed by families and friends over the years. I am pleased to introduce this unique chilli oil to the market for the enjoyment of everyone.

Read on to find out more about MR VUGA Tropical Chilli Oil, a 100% natural product with no artificial ‘nasties’. It is a family run business based in Greater Manchester 

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Our Passion

We are committed to delivering a unique  chilli oil that retains its natural taste with no artificial ingredients. Add MR VUGA unique Tropical Chilli Oil as a condiment to whatever you enjoy eating: rice, chicken, beef, fish, pasta, noodle dish, stir fry, barbecue, even on salad! Enjoy MR VUGA's unique taste, distinct flavour! An invigorating Oil, your satisfaction is assured!

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